A Student's Account of Grade 6's Day Out

Panahi Samya

It was Friday, we wanted to go to Marczibanyi ter to do I don’t know what. But anything I heard that Marczibanyi ter was the theater that we have Gala in every year. We didn’t have any lessons in the morning and we arrived from the first lesson so we didn’t have math … and that was a happy point.

Buuut we wanted to come back at 12:00 o’clock, the bad news is we had science in the fifth lesson - not very happy.  After everybody came we went down, put our cloths on, we stood in a line behind the entrance, Kati neyni counted us and told us to find partners. Nanuka was nagging: “were is Dalma? She told me she is going to come. She is supposed to be here, she has to be here.“  and bla b la bla bla.

Anyway after all that we finally started to go out and I thought we are going to take the bus but we didn’t we walked all the way down it was such a frizzing cold we talked and talked so we didn’t feel how much we walk. When we got there kids ran inside jumped on the chairs and continued talking it didn’t take long that the buffet opened so everyone rushed around it well I was thinking they want to eat something for breakfast but the only thing you could see in their hands was cola and chips which is not what I respect in the morning. After 20 minutes talking and eating finally a woman wearing green jeans with a gray sweater came and said follow me and we followed her until we got to a room, chairs all around it Ms. Timea and Kati neyni sat in the back and we sat in a circle.

Kids started shouting names then she said ok don't rush with majority opinion his name will be Zoli! Erm, I mean what is majority behind it? Then she said so what do you think Zoli should be like: kind or mean? Two kids said mean and she reported with majority opinion Zoli will be the mean boy! And then she asked what sport is Zoli doing? Three people said football, two people said swimming, five people said handball and one person said ice hockey. Finally, she said with majority opinion Zoli will be doing basketball! Whether her vocabulary is ruined or she supposed we were fool!

Anyway with majority opinion we made the character then we needed to do a role play. We became three groups, group one were the boys who were so funny and crazy I never saw John act like that he is usually silent I mean all the time silent but the way he was falling to the ground and answering to Zoli, to be honest he was a grate silent actor. Also, Rafael’s movements and acting was supper cool and funny. Keve said very funny things too! For the first time, girls were saying funny dialogues. Joo Emma and Viera were very good and mean like they were really mean but in real life they are the nicest girls in the class.

The second task was that Zoli is making someone jump down from a height, they put the chairs up side down around a chair then we sat around it and the lady I don’t know her name stood on the chair then we froze when she put her hand on us we needed to say a word and when she got to Samya she didn’t know what to say, she looked around and put her shoulders up, then moved her head and said “hello”, then everyone laughed! Each of us said something really funny, Keve said ………..  then we all laughed.

20180204_210801.jpgNow it was the time that groups should make their play. We were dying when Dani fell off the chair, Keve came and put his jacket on Dani's head, then said here we have one poor fool dead kid, avoid coming near him or talking behind his back cause you are not going to sleep well but you're going to have sweet nightmares with his smelly socks. We did all we could, but he died, in the end. 






20180204_210708.jpgThe third group were Samya, Marci and Rafael. Samya climbed up the chair and said I'm going to jump in that deep blue sea. Rafael said yea you are not going to do that, you’re scared and Marci said that's not a pool that’s just a rain hole you are probably going to lose your feet if you jump down. Samya shouted, here I come to rescue then she jumped down from the chair. She really hurt herself, she landed on her nose then she put her thumb up and said I'm ok nothing happened, I think I just broke my leg. Then, Rafael said oh you got dirt on my cloth, then walked over her that was also funny.

When we wanted to get back to school kids said we want to walk and you wonder why - let me tell you because they didn’t want to get to science class. It was raining and we were so tired but we walked on the way we stopped walking when Kati nehny turned around, she said what the hell are you doing hurry! Yes we kept doing that when we got to school I asked Ms. Timea, did we skip the science lesson?  No we came only two minutes later if we would have come by bus it would be much later but I guess they don't  know that. (Answered Ms.Timea)

And I said what we walked longer than the times we run around the school we can in the rain and we got here only two minutes later, are you kidding me! Yes we got to science but it wasn't that bad we spent that day with laughter and happiness and we had lots of fun.